You should call Gatto & Co. on (08) 9248 7440 to arrange an exchange or refund.
When a product you purchased from Gatto & Co is found to be defective or faulty, Gatto & Co will gladly exchange the product or provide a full refund.


All goods supplied are strictly on a sale basis only, goods cannot be returned unless approval is obtained from Gatto & Co prior to it being returned.  Returns will only be accepted if all of the following are met:

  • Return is authorised by Gatto & Co, a “Return Consignment Number” is obtained.
  • Goods are returned within 14 days of receiving number.
  • The return is sent to the following address Gatto & Co, 5 Stanford Way Malaga WA 6090 and the customer pays freight and bears the risk for any loss and damage to the goods while in transit.

The return must be in a resaleable condition in its original packaging and free of any defects.